Lisa Bieberman's Guide for Small Group Journeys (1967)

The need for a practical manual for the use of LSD has become increasingly apparent to those concerned with psychedelic issues over the past four years. With more and more laymen taking LSD and similar drugs, and with the supposed experts having nothing more instructive to say than “don’t,” the beginning user often has nowhere to turn for the most fundamental information.

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Guild of Guides Mission

The mission of the Guild of Guides is to support a category of profound, prized experiences becoming more available to more people. Such experiences go by many names, including unitive consciousness, non-dual consciousness, Buddha consciousness, Christ consciousness, mystical experience, and primary religious experience.

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Helene Cotton

Taoist philosophy is extremely interesting when looking at it within the context of the psychedelic experience. Whilst there is largely a consensus regarding the subjectivity of the psychedelic experience there are certain common aspects which seem to permeate the experience from individual to individual…

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Code of Ethics for Spiritual Guides

People have long sought to enrich their lives and to awaken to their full natures through spiritual practices including prayer, meditation, mind-body disciplines, service, ritual, community liturgy, holy-day and seasonal observances, and rites of passage.

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