Guild of Guides Mission


The mission of the Guild of Guides is to support a category of profound, prized experiences becoming more available to more people. Such experiences go by many names, including unitive consciousness, non-dual consciousness, Buddha consciousness, Christ consciousness, mystical experience, and primary religious experience. The Guild also encourages its members and friends to find or create and to develop social contexts that will contain those experiences and help them yield lasting benefits.

While fully endorsing such techniques as meditation, prayer, vision quests, and asceticism, a principal tool of the Guides is the judicious use of a class of psychoactive substances, in this context called entheogens. Common examples include psilocybin-containing mushrooms, mescaline-containing cactii such as peyote, and preparations containing DMT, a compound found in certain plants. The entheogens are known -- historically, cross-culturally, and, in recent times, scientifically -- to be potent spiritual catalysts.


At present (2010), the Guild exists as a fellowship, international in scope, without formal structure. In the absence of corporate form, membership is a state of mind only. Those who are committed to the mission of the Guild, who have relevant training or experience, and who are committed to the Code of Ethics for Spiritual Guides ( may consider themselves members. In time, the Guild may to help develop structures in support of this work.


The perennial philosophy holds that religious/spiritual experiences stem from a "common core" consciousness. Thus, while Guides may draw upon various religious traditions, the essential work transcends religious boundaries. Other than that belief and its support of the development of best practices (see, the Guild has no doctrine or liturgy of its own.

Information provided by the Guild is for use only in jurisdictions and under circumstances where such use is legal.

Helene Cotton